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Art Tip of the Week: Sarah Foerster and Larissa Rolley
New City, March 15, 2001

Released from limits is the driving motivation for the sensitive conceptual color photography of Sarah Foerster and Larissa Rolley. For Foerster, those limits are within herself, lodged in her reluctance simply to surrender herself to the world’s beauty; she has captured her tension exquisitely in meditative images of leaves partially occluded and disrupted by her shadowed hands, which “get in the way.” Rolley defines the limits of the external world in her revisioning of the myth of Icarus, who soared too close to the sun on his wax wings and fell into the sea. Tradition has it that he drowned, but Rolley allows Icarus to survive his rebellious adventure, taking his place in a luscious grid of sand- and seascapes in which we see her lefts and feet blissfully floating in rippling waters under cloud-flocked skies. (Michael Weinstein, New City free-lance conributor).

The photography's of Sarah Foerster and Larissa Rolley are on Display
through March 31 at Dix Art Mix, 2068 North Leavitt, (773) 384-5142.