Friends of the Arts
1800 W. Cornelia Avenue
Chicago, IL

Rules For Content Submissions

Please follow the following guidlines when submitting content to FOTA for your portfolio or announcement.

All Text and text change requests must be submitted via email to Richard Lange or James Parenti as either plain email text or as a Word Document.
DO NOT submit Microsoft Publisher Files, Hand-written notes, printed copies, or links to external websites where information is posted. We will disregard these submissions. Also, be sure that superscripts and subscripts are removed from your texts. A special-character word like 2nd should be Second to avoid odd line spacing or overlaps.

All photographic source material should be in JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file format. If you would like to submit image files for your portfolio or the website via email, use the following specifications:

  1. Image file should be no larger than 600 pixels on any side
  2. Image resolution should be 72 dpi
  3. Image title should be without spaces or punctuation.

    John Smith's Picture.jpg
    is the wrong way to title a file;

    is the correct way.

  4. The above specifications should produce an image file that is web-ready, however, you can take the additional step in Photoshop by clicking File >> Save For Web (& Devices).
  5. Again, your images should be in JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) format.

Scans and requested image-editing will incur additional fees depending on the source material and volume of images.

Graphics are items such as banners or headlines. They can either be submitted as gif files, jpeg files, or .swf (Flash files) in accordance with the above rules concerning photo images. SWF (Flash) files must be no larger than 50kb and should be readable to a Flash Version 6 viewer.
All headlines and banners must be set to a web-ready resolution of 72 pixels per inch. The dimensions must be 600 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall - no larger.

DO NOT make maps or schematics of how you want your items arranged in your portfolio section. The portfolios follow one template and all content submitted comports to it. Also, do not supply pre-made html files or site folders to be placed in the site without first consulting with James Parenti.

Send materials like CD-Roms to the following address:

1800 W Cornelia Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

MOST IMPORTANTLY - DO NOT submit the only copy of your materials that you possess. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP. If you'd like your materials back, you MUST provide a self-addressed envelope with proper postage. We WILL NOT return material without this. Any material submissions that go unclaimed will be discarded!!!